Back walls and outlet shafts

Back walls with plateau spaces

2,5 – 3 cm strong back walls with 10 – 15 cm ledges and plateaus  that offer space for corals or hide-outs for fish.

All modules are custom-made and fit into each other like a puzzle. You will not receive pre-made, off-the-rack standard pieces that usually require massive pre-installment treatment.

Special shapes, cavities, gaps or patterns are no problem at all.

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Back walls without ledges/plateaus, structured

If you do not like cleaning your glass and prefer a natural structure in your rather narrow tank, back walls without ledges and plateaus might be just right for you. They are 2 – 3cm thick.

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You don’t want back walls but don’t want to do without ledges and plateaus?

We have a solution! Single set-up modules.

You will not lose even a single millimeter of tank depth so these modules are espescially suitable for small or narrow tanks. You can buy the modules as inner or outer corners as well as a straight set-up. They are glued to the desired position using conventional tank silicone. This helps creating ledges and plateaus for corals and enables you to create a beautiful connection between reef and glass.

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