Reef pillars

Besides biologically highly efficient material, our reefs also offer a wide range of advantages due to their design; advantages that cannot be reached with living rocks.

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The ceramics are placed on a straight pedestal that is covered underneath a level of sand after it has been set up. That way, we can make it look as if the reef was growing out of the ground.

The unconstrained set-up helps with the current and prohibits sediments from settling in the sand or reef corners. This enables the inhabitants to use the big space underneath the reef as more swimming space or a hide-out.

In the long term, ceramic reefs show an efficient depletion of nutrients and thus a very stable water quality.

Through their big surface, the pillars can offer many possible positions for corals and shelter for fish. By fitting several pieces somewhat into each other and by placing pieces closer together, we can create more open or more closed-off areas within the reef.

The set-up is very unconstrained and natural for the eye – all areas of the reef are visible.

Every reef is unique and can become an individual gem!

The demand we put in ourselves to produce pieces that are one of a kind instead of copies makes it very hard to assemple a reef from a price list or a sizing table. We try to counteract that with our service. Just send us an email with a sketch of your tank including dimensions and note all information that are important to you, such as built-in equipment, the position and dimensions of pump shaft and other chutes, mark the sides that are going to be visible the most from outside/the back walls…

We will gladly assemble a sample setup and send you a video of it. That is how we can talk about the combination of reef pieces and you will get exactly the reef that you desire.