Quality and product properties

We put all our emphasis on QUALITY!

One ceramic product is not like the other and ceramics should always be a TRUE, sustainable alternative to living rocks!

Stable while highly porous at the same time – that is the main requirement for biologically functional ceramics. Its surface should never be closed and smooth but must be covered with capillary tubes running all the way through it.

vergleichThe more porous structures on the inside of ceramics, the better the premises for microbiological life.

But not only absolutely first-class raw material is decisive for ceramics of the highest quality. A sophisticated production process is also key.

Our ceramics go through several production steps before it is ready to be shipped to the customer. Every single one of those production steps is crucial for a smoothly running system. That way we can also make sure that the material – which is generally made of silicate – cannot emit any substances to or extract the precious carbonate from the water.

Many ceramics that are avilable on the market emit silicates or phosphates to the tank water after several months or even years and keep cuasing problems such as algae.

There are better, easier ways. Our credo is that ceramics should be a TRUE, sustainable alternative to living rocks that need to be yanked out of their natural environment by force.

The basic structure alone makes reef ceramics superior to any living rock already, because it contains a bigger variety of different levels of porousness within very small space and thus enables microbiological life to grow. Every bacterium requires its very own living environment in the form of pores and capillaries within the ceramics. If the ceramics lack crucial forms or sizes, a monoculture of bacteria will develop over time. These monocultures cause major difficulties in aquaristics, such as enormously long introduction phases up to the sudden eutrophication of a tank.

This versatile structure enables you to stock the tank with fish after only a couple of days without having to rely on even a single gram of living rock.

The brand “RiffSystem” stands for unique quality!

The following product properties distinguish our reef ceramics from ceramics from other producers:

  • high porosity, up to 30% of water absorption
  • no rlease of silicates or harmful substances
  • natural colour (beige)
  • every piece is hand-made and thus, unique
  • unconstrained set-up – as close to nature as possible!
  • no introduction of vermin, such as aiptasia, crabs or bacteria
  • biologically active in no time
  • individual design and set-up options
  • many possible arrangement options
  • accurately fitting covers for pumps and equipment
  • hiding spots for tank inhabitants
  • improved water circulation around the reef via exact fitting of the ceramics
  • ready-to-use upon arrival; does NOT have to be pretreated or watered
  • great reduction in weight as compared to massive stone
  • undercurrents in the entire reef minimize sediments in the sand

    tank on day 4 introduction of Phase, side view
    Front view after only 6 month. The ceramics have been overgrown by calcareous algae after only a little while and can not be told apart from natural rock. Merely the unconstrained set-up indicates an artifical reef.


Individual and customized production:

Nothing is impossible. We offer inexpensive individual production or produce reefs according to your sketches or drafts. We are looking forward to challenges!